Cris (pinaycheeks) wrote,

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back in the game i guess?

dang i havent typed in this thing since last year.. things have changed.. had a bf and now im single.. ready to mingle? not sure about that.. but i need to get out of this funk of guys who are not for me.. im having fun w/ guys.. goin on dates.. kickin it.. but it seems like all guys want one thing.. im sick n tired of it.. i dont blame the same way sometime.. they're guys.. they're human.. sex is always there.. ive had great advice from sum guys but its so easy for them to say the things they need to tell me cuz im their friend... its so hard to hear it from them..

im waiting for school to start so i dont have to deal w/ the guys ive met this summer.. im not that social but i want to meet new people.. im really shy at first so thats gonna b hard..
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