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whooo!!!!!! OOHHHHHH!! lol vegas is the shit!! i love vegas !!! i had so much fun.. i cant believe it was over so fast.. i wanna go back asap.. this weekend was the greatest weekend of my whole life and im so glad i spent it w/ family and friends..

thursday & friday morning:

i had work ..blah.. after work i was off to the airport at 6.. my coworker dropped me off and i was stuck at the airport until peeps came at 7.. all 11 of us got on the plane and were loud as fuck cuz we were so excited.. thank god that flight was only 45 minutes.. when we got off the plane.. i played the slots at the airport.. jus a dollar.. lol after that we went to our hotel room.. we had to grab a taxi to get there.. richard sat in the front and flirted w/ the antonio our cab driver.. he was kyoot and Greek! he so wanted richard! lol.. finally we checked in..we stayed at the imperial palace.. it was pretty nice.. we got to our rooms.. i shared a room w/ richard and my other cuz dominic..

our first nite at vegas.. we kno we had to go all out.. it was around 12 when we finally got situated at the hotel and getting ready to go out.. we decided to go walk the strip a lil bit.. we got a drink at the harrahs liquor store.. i got my favorite drink.. smirnoff ice.. im a lightweight ok and i cant take that hard shit! ..we walked over to aladdin and took a kamikazi shot (all the 21's and over of course) .. shit was good!! we played a lil more slots.. we mostly chilled in and out of aladdin.. kuya czarte was harrassed by a hooker outside.. hilarious..she was really nasty!!

..yaayy we were finally in vegas.. we were anxiously waiting for this time to come for so long.. all that hard work and saving paid off..hehe we walked sum more.. sum of us were already having a buzz.. stopped by sum other casinos.. jus chillum! after walking sum of us ate at dennys.. and then went straight to the hotel.. this was like at 4 sumthin in the morning.. pretty good for our first nite in vegas..


another day in was overcast..yuck.. but we still decided to chill at the pool.. i hate being in a bathing suit now.. especially since i gained sum weight.. yuck.. anywaiz there were no hot guyz.. only sum old hairy after that it was off to eat at mcdonalds...still trying to save my money u kno!! lol.. then we went to walk the other side of the strip to venetian.. that place is really nice!! very classy.. played sum more slots.. and then i took a seat next to richard at the pai gow table.. this is where i got addicted.. i dropped a bill and i got my first player's club card.. this game is so intense esp since richard is a big baller and puts down hardcore bets.. jeez! it was a $25 table.. i lost.. and then i broke even.. then i played sum more slots and played sum more pai gow..i hate slots!! they take my money like its nuthing! so once again i was at the same pai gow table.. i lost then i broke even.. im glad i didnt lose.. cuz i used the same $100 to play later that evening.. after playing 4 hours at that table we finally left and said goodbye to the friends richard made.. lol richard is so funny.. i love it! he makes friends everywhere even the elevators.. all the people have been nice to him.. cept that one taxi driver but screw him!

richard and me got back to the hotel room and chilled for an hour or so.. taking pictures n stuff.. that was fun right richard.. imma jus leave it at that .. =) HAHAH develop those pics soon.. we then went to the other room where the party already started w/ out us.. we had a beer bong for those beer drinkers (not me..gross) and flaming doctor peppers for the rest of us.. me and richard were the last to drink so we took 2 of the flaming doctor peppers.. it richard real bad later on..

after the party and taking pics at the room we went to harrahs to catch the shuttle to rio.. their buffet was ok.. but everyone was really jus fucked up to even appreciate the food.. there were hot guyz there!! finally!! not that many of pinoys in vegas =T but im glad i saw sum.. dont get me wrong every race is great and hot and nice.. but i want a pinoy!! =P

after rio we went back to the hotel room..everyone was pretty wasted/tired and wanted to crash..but not me!! me, richard, and ate april were the only survivors after our party and we decided to walk the strip again lookin for sum hotties..we ended up in vegas where me and richard played pai gow again.. ate april jus watched..she was nervous to lose all her money right away.. i finally came up in this game when i got a straight flush and won the fortune.. $50..yay!! at the end of the night(it was actually morning) i blacked out and got my two black chips!! u kno i had to take a picture of that!! lol oh yah and i also had to take pictures of the hot guyz at ballys!!!! damn man! i wanted sum of that! lol..hopefully the pictures turned out good.. they were freakin cute!!! the three of us finally went back to my room and we practiced pai gow/taught ate april how to play.. dominic was left back at the room w/ no action that nite since everyone went to sleep early.. too bad he wasnt old enough to really play.. he did play slots though.. finally slept around 5..

to be continued...
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