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My So Called LIFE
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Sunday, January 18th, 2009
10:25 pm
the day i met sasha vujacic
updated-bigger pics. i didnt even know they were so small when i posted them

to beverly center at 11:30 and only 5 people in line so i decided to get some lunch. by the time i got back it was 12:30 and the line was out the store!! he finally arrived at 3 to start the event. he's so cute!! standing in line anxiously, i couldnt believe i was going to meet sasha vujacic in a couple of minutes! the travel time to beverly center and the wait in line was so worth it!! i hated how we couldnt take a picture w/ him. what was i going to say to him!!?? how am i going to give him a hug?!? when i got to the table, the guy in the green jacket was in my way so i was just staring at sasha. then when i finally moved to the left, he said hi how are you. i said im good. i told him that i love the lakers cuz of him and if i could shake his hand. he shook my hand and said thank you thank you. i love his accent!!!!!

Sasha bear
Thursday, September 16th, 2004
10:53 pm
the guy..
i cant help but think that ive found the guy of my dreams.. i kno i kno richard.. i probably sound the same for each time i meet a guy.. but seriously this guy is different.. i cant explain it.. i'll try: guys are supposed to be gentlemen ..but the guys i date end up being asses!.. this guy i totally feel he's different.. hes very polite and sophisticated.. lookswise.. hes appealing to me.. he has a baby face.. he has a nice style and not typical at all.. no baller clothes.. no chains and baggy baggy clothes.. so its all good..

this guy.. gosh.. im so kilig.. i dont want this feeling to ever end.. i dont want this guy to slip away.. back to the theory u dont always get what u want.. but i beg to differ ..thats not always the case w/ me...ive known him and talked to him for over 2 weeks.. by now there would be more intimacy going on but im not trippin.. i like how i feel w/ him.. i like how hes not a horny bastard w/ me.. im glad he respects me enough to not bring up that shit when we're still getting to know each other.. its different.. its not me at all but i like it..

being in his arms i feel safe.. not like hes gonna touch my boob or grab my ass (which i dont mind but i feel good that he doesnt need to be like that to like me) huggin him is the best.. i love kissing him.. when i kiss him, i actually feel like im MELTING.. ive never had such a connection just by kissing someone.. oh my.. im sprung

he has most of the qualities i want in a man.. i did create a list of qualities i want in my dream man in an earlier post (way way back in the day) but everything seems to fit.. a little compromising here and there but for the most part..he fits the criteria..

yet there's drama.. how am i not suprised.. he seemed too good to be tru.. the other entry is about the drama.. i trust him though.. (ya ..you can all laugh because that doesnt make sense..but i do trust him) i kno hes not bullshit.. that girl is just a bitch though.. she wrote about me in her journal thinkin im gonna be scared and back down.. well guess wut bitch .. im not.. im not gonna give up w/out a fight and i already feel like he's mine.. i wish that bitch could just grow up and stop being immature especially on a damn journal website.. ass! i wish she would wake her fat ass up and smell the coffee.. hes moved on so let him move on w/ out ur lard ass following him around!!

Current Mood: irritated
Sunday, August 8th, 2004
11:19 pm
back in the game i guess?
dang i havent typed in this thing since last year.. things have changed.. had a bf and now im single.. ready to mingle? not sure about that.. but i need to get out of this funk of guys who are not for me.. im having fun w/ guys.. goin on dates.. kickin it.. but it seems like all guys want one thing.. im sick n tired of it.. i dont blame them..im the same way sometime.. they're guys.. they're human.. sex is always there.. ive had great advice from sum guys but its so easy for them to say the things they need to tell me cuz im their friend... its so hard to hear it from them..

im waiting for school to start so i dont have to deal w/ the guys ive met this summer.. im not that social but i want to meet new people.. im really shy at first so thats gonna b hard..

Current Mood: cranky
Sunday, November 16th, 2003
9:33 pm
TRYIN to move on
ok so yah the best thing for my situation is to move on.. and the only way to do this is looking for "potentials" theres couple guys i had my eye one but no one quite like "him" there was one dood who jus lived too far away so it wouldnt work out anywaiz.. i wont be able to deal w/ guys who are not in the LA district.. lol.. one guy seems so perfect but i think he jus wants ass.. the other dood was aight but i think hes gay.. he keeps buggin me when i already said its better if we're jus friends.. i dunno!! i dont usually keep talkin to peeps i already lose interest in.. i cant be friends w/ ex's or peeps ive dated/talked to..there's this one dood on my mind right now but i dont kno yet if he's forealz or not.. its hard to seperate the good boys from the bad boys sometimes.. is he really into u for u or for the booty??? in this case i havent talked to him enough to find out clues on which type of guy he is..but from the small talk and texting.. sounds like he knows how to sweet talk and has strong charm.. but u kno that saying: its too good to be true... thats the saying of my life!!! everything seems good but once things get revealed.. its all hell.. *sigh* we'll see wut happens.. but thats the update of the losers and potentials.. lol
Sunday, November 9th, 2003
10:06 pm
all his fault..
lately.. my feelings have been frustration.. i want sumthing i cant have (a dood).. to me hes perfect.. sum might not agree (richard) haha i truly can say i really like this guy.. i have real feelings for him and hes one guy i can say i wont hurt.. ive been thru a lot since my break up w/ ryan.. i changed a lot.. my perspectives changed...
yes theres other fish in the sea.. but i dont want the other fish.. i can easily say being single is fun but everyone has those times when they jus want that one person to share memories w/, have fun w/.. the other fish dont catch my attention like this dood does.. the other fish dont meet my standards.. i jus wanna throw them back cuz these fish are too small... haha.. whoa..
wut do i do if i cant have this person.. stay friends.. thats fucking hard.. dont be his friend at all.. that sucks even more.. i think this guy is one of my tightest closest homie.. and i cant jus break off our friendship like its nothing cuz it means a lot to me.. i dont know what to do.. i try talking to other guys but it doesnt seem to take my mind off this special guy..i try thinkin "oh this guy is so nice.. lemme see if anything happens" but nuthin does happen cuz they're not "him"..
i dunno if what i feel is love yet.. but its really close.. i love like a friend.. but at the same time i like him alot.. GrRrr... i feel a close bond w/ him.. we have a lot of things in common.. we like the same things.. we think a lot alike as well.. for me.. its hard to find a person on the same level.. im trying to be picky here but the last guys i liked do not compare to "him" at all!!!!!!
is it bad to date people when ur feelings arent 100% in it? i dont think so.. but how am i gonna get over this guy if i dont start dating/liking other guys.. thats not fair to the new guy.. i dont wanna be in a new relationship when i want a relationship w/ sumone else...
i need an answer.. while i wait.. im here sitting frustrated on the comp IMing him like nothings wrong..
Monday, September 15th, 2003
8:30 pm
drama for ur mama.. fuck u!!
yah..drama for ur mama.. me n my friends have used this term ever since high school.. y cuz people keep giving us drama!!! i remember high school.. drama in high school was stoopid shit like who said what.. but then again people keep doing that now.. its already been 3 years after graduation.. cant they jus be happy for us?!?! nooooo.. they gotta bring us down.. me n maricel always a pair ever since junior year.. inseperable u can say since we were best friends.. some even were jealous of the relationship we had cuz we had each other's back.. we've lost touch and changed in the last few years.. but i do still consider her my close friend.. we still gotta work on sum things.. but even as a regular friend.. i DO NOT like anyone disrespecting anyone that i care for.. and i especially DO NOT like anyone disrespecting me.. u can say whatever the hell u wanna say about my ass ..people have their own opinion.. but when they say shit behind my back and try to ruin somone's views against me.. then its over biatch!!!!! i hate this bitch w/ a passion.. shes the most ignorant chick i know.. no one likes her and i kno no ones likes her but maricel seems to believe that she should deserve another chance.. yah thats tru people do deserve another chance but not when they keep messing up and talkin smack!! they deserve smack upside the head!! das what she deserves!! me and maricel and a bunch of peeps have been supporting her ass and not trying to hurt her feelings by being "friends" but im tired of it!! im tired of pretending so she doesnt cry or shit like that.. im tired of saying the fake "wassup" and the fake hug--she is so nasty.. i dont even wanna touch her!! so anywaiz.. das my venting for today.. she can talk all the shit she wants.. she's gonna eventually get whats coming to her.. so fuck u ruby!

Current Mood: bitchy
Thursday, September 11th, 2003
7:51 pm
guyz guyz guyz...*sigh*
ok im single.. but guyz are everywhere and it sux in a way cuz none of them are mine!! ive met very nice guyz ever since i became single.. all of them have respected me so much and i truly think each guy have been really great and gentlemen.. most of them boyfriend potential.. sum were so fuckin hot.. *thinkin bout david..yummy* but the thing is i dont want them!!

one guy does stand out in my mind but hes one guy i cant have.. doesnt that suck?!!? jeez.. i usually get what i want.. whatever it might be.. im a brat.. i was stressed out this week w/ skool, work, and this dood problem.. im usually strong when it comes to school n work but guyz.. im weak.. this is jus killing me cuz i cant have him.. wuts even killing me more is that i dont have a chance!!! its one thing when u cant have them but its another when you're totally not in the runner up or sumthing at least!!

this week ive been stressed out and i want to let him kno..but then 5 seconds later my mind changes and im fuckin scared to tell him.. the big word "rejection" flashes across my mind.. i dont wanna risk not having him in my life period.. but also i dont wanna risk being left in the dark forever! so wuts a girl to do..lol

Current Mood: confused
Saturday, August 16th, 2003
1:19 am
being single and loving it
i love being single (so far) im enjoying the perks of not having a bf bug u.. lol im having fun w/ my friends and potential guyz.. i luv being free like a bird and doing whatever the hell i want to do.. right now i feel very proud that im not attached to the guys im jocking.. usually at this point i would be.. but im learning..

right now i also like being spontaneous.. i havent had so much fun in a while.. im not depending on anyone or my friends either..jus depending on me.. i call the shots.. =) i love not knowing what the hell is gonna happen on a date and also not expecting anything either..

Current Mood: flirty
Thursday, August 7th, 2003
9:58 pm
since im single now.. jus wanted to set my priorities straight and i want my next guy to have at least more than half of these things..(throw me a freakin bone here) yes i admit ive been w/ losers.. maybe im jus attracted to them..lol i dunno but hopefully the next guy is prince charming.. is that too much to ask for?!?!

(in no particular order, cept the first one)

sense of humor.. the guy needs to be funny or he aint for me ..i come from a very weird and funny family.. so he has to fit in.. he has to have a nice laugh also..

NO LIARS!! has to be trustworthy.. cant be shady.. i have nothing to hide and u shouldnt either!! if u dont show me ur wallet.. ur hiding sumthing!!!!

has to be confident and believes in himself.. im already inscure as it is.. i need a guy who can level me off and be the encouraging supportive type..

has to be taller than me.. thats easy (im only 5 feet tall)

has to be somewhat financially balanced.. no more dating bums.. no more scrubs.. he has to drive ..i kno this isnt a hard one.. but for me its hard finding a guy who freakin drives!! this is LA!! drive a car!

has to have goals and dreams.. has to at least be in school or finished.. he has to think for himself..

has to have a good relationship w/ family especially with parents.. its tru that u can tell how a guy will treat u when u see how they treat their mom..not just the mom.. i think its also how they treat the rest of the family

has to love who he is (whatever background, race, culture, etc they are) i prefer pinoys (hot ones..haha) just cuz they know where im coming from.. im not racist but other races dont mix well w/ me.. but i'll try.. *wink* haahaha

this goes w/ my preference w/ pinoys: has to speak tagalog.. i love a guy who knows how to speak tagalog.. i dunno why.. its jus sexy to me hahaha

has to have morals, values, a spirit.. has to go to church.. im a catholic school girl and i cant be going out w/ bad boys =P

has to love hip hop and R&B.. i love music esp my hiphop!! but they also cannot put down rock, alternative, punk, pop.. they just have to be ear trendy..

has to dress nicely.. i cant re-iterate enough:no bums.. lol a way a guy dresses tells a lot bout himself and his personality.. dress to impress is always nice and u can tell if they're trying to impress u.. he has to have some kind of style.. its kinda hard to ask that of a guy.. but some guys do have style.. so i want that guy!!

he has to nice shoes.. no payless shiiet.. i have a shoe fettish (i worked at footaction).. they need to have clean shoes also.. shoes tell a lot about a person too =)

has to love food.. im getting fat people.. i need someone to get fat with.. i love food.. esp pasta.. junk food also.. i love desserts!! cookies, ice cream, brownies.. yummy!! i like going out just to get dessert so they have to deal w/ my dessert runs.. lol

able to put up w/ me shopping all the time.. every guy can say they actually like shopping w/ their gf is a liar!! lol

has to know how to dance.. and freak and all that good stuff..haha cuz u kno if they know how to freak then they know how to... *ahem*

has to not be a homophob.. has to be open about things.. im not sayin be gay!! but im saying willing to have fun w/ me and my homie (r dawg, richard) lol i dont want a guy to be jealous of my relationship w/ my gay cousin (weird i kno but guyz get jealous over u richard)

has to no how to party.. drinks occasionally (not an alcoholic though..)

has to be athletic and fit.. i can be a couchpotato at times but i enjoy being out and doing sumthing.. but i dont want sumone whos overly buff and can hurt me w/ one handshake..

able to hold a damn conversation!! i hate guys who go.. so what u wanna talk about.. wtf is that!! guyz have a brain for a reason dont they? use ur intellect and entertain me... i need a guy with a working brain, who's street smarts and has common sense..DUH!!

thats all i can think of right now.. pls apply accordingly..

Current Mood: creative
9:23 pm
vegas continued
ahhh i havent written in a while.. kinda busy w/ skool..yuck.. but anywaiz..back to my vegas novel


our last day in vegas.. NOOOOOOO!! i was having too much fun to think about leaving.. we finally went to visit circus circus.. lol ..yah yah..we had underage people come on the trip.. so we had to go to circus circus.. i got a carebear bear.. and dominic met a hot chick.. i told him to take a pic w/ that girl as a momento of vegas.. she was nice enough to agree.. they look kyoot together.. too bad she has a boyfriend and dominic is like a million miles away.. oOo and i got hit on the first time in foreverz! the guy working the booth was very energetic and entertaining he did the .."how u doooooooooin" (joey from friends) and he said that he liked my "herr" lol.. he was kinda kyoot but i want me a pinoy! lol..

after that we went to aladdin and the "family" had our last dinner in vegas.. saaaaad!! but that food was gooooood!! our waitress' name was also "tabi" so we had to take a pic of that..lol

finally back to gambling.. me, richard, and ate april headed off to our home ballys.. we played a lil bit.. but our favorite dealer paul kept going on break and making us lose.. the person he switched w/ was this devil named jen.. she kinds looks like mrs buttersworth but asian.. scary!! she took all our money =T i got to chitchat w/ sum white dood.. i think he was drunk cuz he was actually a pink dood..lol after losing a lil money we finally headed back to the hotel since it was almost time to go.. it was like 3:30 but we had to be out of the hotel by 4:30.. we found jerille and went over to harrahs so he can try his hand at pai gow (so addicting!!!) those dealers over there suck too!! paul the dealer is the best.. next time i go to vegas.. he better be there..

then it was off to the rooms, packing our bags and checkin out.. we all got into to our taxis and headed for the airport.. of course one of us had to be stopped at security and it was the baby -dominic -baby buffness- lol he had to bring the liquor bottle back to maryland and the security guard had to check it out cuz it looked suspicious.. but everything was koo

more chillen, we waited like an hour before our plane was ready.. so guess what we did.. we looked at porn!!! girl porn, guy porn.. elmo porn.. lol i never saw playgirl until richard bought it.. its very interesting..lol all guyz should be circumcised though.. lol

the trip back home was fun.. no one could go to sleep even though we were really hella sleepy.. we were silly/giddy sleepy.. the sleepy type that makes everything seem funny so u laugh ur ass off!!

ahhhhhh the memories.. vegas was tight and i'll never forget it.. =)
Monday, August 4th, 2003
12:11 am
whooo!!!!!! OOHHHHHH!! lol vegas is the shit!! i love vegas !!! i had so much fun.. i cant believe it was over so fast.. i wanna go back asap.. this weekend was the greatest weekend of my whole life and im so glad i spent it w/ family and friends..

thursday & friday morning:

i had work ..blah.. after work i was off to the airport at 6.. my coworker dropped me off and i was stuck at the airport until peeps came at 7.. all 11 of us got on the plane and were loud as fuck cuz we were so excited.. thank god that flight was only 45 minutes.. when we got off the plane.. i played the slots at the airport.. jus a dollar.. lol after that we went to our hotel room.. we had to grab a taxi to get there.. richard sat in the front and flirted w/ the antonio our cab driver.. he was kyoot and Greek! he so wanted richard! lol.. finally we checked in..we stayed at the imperial palace.. it was pretty nice.. we got to our rooms.. i shared a room w/ richard and my other cuz dominic..

our first nite at vegas.. we kno we had to go all out.. it was around 12 when we finally got situated at the hotel and getting ready to go out.. we decided to go walk the strip a lil bit.. we got a drink at the harrahs liquor store.. i got my favorite drink.. smirnoff ice.. im a lightweight ok and i cant take that hard shit! ..we walked over to aladdin and took a kamikazi shot (all the 21's and over of course) .. shit was good!! we played a lil more slots.. we mostly chilled in and out of aladdin.. kuya czarte was harrassed by a hooker outside.. hilarious..she was really nasty!!

..yaayy we were finally in vegas.. we were anxiously waiting for this time to come for so long.. all that hard work and saving paid off..hehe we walked sum more.. sum of us were already having a buzz.. stopped by sum other casinos.. jus chillum! after walking sum of us ate at dennys.. and then went straight to the hotel.. this was like at 4 sumthin in the morning.. pretty good for our first nite in vegas..


another day in vegas..it was overcast..yuck.. but we still decided to chill at the pool.. i hate being in a bathing suit now.. especially since i gained sum weight.. yuck.. anywaiz there were no hot guyz.. only sum old hairy people..lol after that it was off to eat at mcdonalds...still trying to save my money u kno!! lol.. then we went to walk the other side of the strip to venetian.. that place is really nice!! very classy.. played sum more slots.. and then i took a seat next to richard at the pai gow table.. this is where i got addicted.. i dropped a bill and i got my first player's club card.. this game is so intense esp since richard is a big baller and puts down hardcore bets.. jeez! it was a $25 table.. i lost.. and then i broke even.. then i played sum more slots and played sum more pai gow..i hate slots!! they take my money like its nuthing! so once again i was at the same pai gow table.. i lost then i broke even.. im glad i didnt lose.. cuz i used the same $100 to play later that evening.. after playing 4 hours at that table we finally left and said goodbye to the friends richard made.. lol richard is so funny.. i love it! he makes friends everywhere even the elevators.. all the people have been nice to him.. cept that one taxi driver but screw him!

richard and me got back to the hotel room and chilled for an hour or so.. taking pictures n stuff.. that was fun right richard.. imma jus leave it at that .. =) HAHAH develop those pics soon.. we then went to the other room where the party already started w/ out us.. we had a beer bong for those beer drinkers (not me..gross) and flaming doctor peppers for the rest of us.. me and richard were the last to drink so we took 2 of the flaming doctor peppers.. it richard real bad later on..

after the party and taking pics at the room we went to harrahs to catch the shuttle to rio.. their buffet was ok.. but everyone was really jus fucked up to even appreciate the food.. there were hot guyz there!! finally!! not that many of pinoys in vegas =T but im glad i saw sum.. dont get me wrong every race is great and hot and nice.. but i want a pinoy!! =P

after rio we went back to the hotel room..everyone was pretty wasted/tired and wanted to crash..but not me!! me, richard, and ate april were the only survivors after our party and we decided to walk the strip again lookin for sum hotties..we ended up in vegas where me and richard played pai gow again.. ate april jus watched..she was nervous to lose all her money right away.. i finally came up in this game when i got a straight flush and won the fortune.. $50..yay!! at the end of the night(it was actually morning) i blacked out and got my two black chips!! u kno i had to take a picture of that!! lol oh yah and i also had to take pictures of the hot guyz at ballys!!!! damn man! i wanted sum of that! lol..hopefully the pictures turned out good.. they were freakin cute!!! the three of us finally went back to my room and we practiced pai gow/taught ate april how to play.. dominic was left back at the room w/ no action that nite since everyone went to sleep early.. too bad he wasnt old enough to really play.. he did play slots though.. finally slept around 5..

to be continued...
Thursday, July 31st, 2003
10:39 am
im so excited!!!! going to vegas tonite.. yaaaaaaay!! finally sum freedom from the valley, from my parents, from life itself.. not that i wanna escape from life.. life rite now is eh.. so its good to let loose rite?!?! whoo!! im goin to go to vegas w/ my cuz's, my sis tabi, tabi's friends.. we're gonna have to so much fun.. i gotta take all these pics!! hopefully no drama.. im gonna get so wasted!!! hopefully theres guyz over there or at least sum eye candy!!
Wednesday, July 30th, 2003
12:15 am
im really bored rite now.. a lil past 12:30 no one is online and theres nuthin to do.. i was studying earlier but my brain is full..lol

i really wanna go watch the grunions later tonight.. but everyone still skeptical..

so the topic of the hour is rejection.. i remember back in the day w/ i had crushes on sum people... most of the time it would be major crushes ..i think im psycho ..lol back in the day i remember writing poems.. i think i still have sum that i saved ..but anywais!

on the other hand rejection for me is really scary! i hate being single yet i also hate liking sumone.. my time frame of being single is 3 months.. das wut my cuz says.. =T i dunno bout that.. how can i stop jus liking sumone period? or how can i totally not get myself head over heels over a guy.. my problem is that i do not stay single..i feel like i need to fill my ex's void w/ another guy.. and this is not even sexually .. this is emotionally.. =T its scary.. i dont wanna b hopping from guy to guy.. i kno it sounds fun.. but its not for me.. i jus wanna be happy w/ one guy.. richard says to date.. again sounds like a good idea.. but i get scared.. *sigh* i should jus be lesbian!! NOT!! i think maybe if i jus become a homebody.. maybe i'll get sum relief and exclude myself from social interactions period! =T

Current Mood: rejected
Tuesday, July 29th, 2003
11:19 am
still single
lol wut a subject..still single.. its like im counting the days til im not.. das not good.. yesterday was kinda weird.. my ex came by to pick up sum money that i owe him since he is no longer going to vegas w/ us.. him going to my house acting happy seemed so fake.. but i wish that he would be happy cuz i kno breaking up w/ sumone is painful.. i jus want him to move one as quickly as he can.. i dont want him to dwell on "what ifs"..

i should be going to work now!! AHHH!!

exited about las vegas!!! whooO!!
Monday, July 28th, 2003
12:27 am
day 2 of being single
its already sunday..

a sigh of relief i guess.. ive been very stressed out w/ my recent relationship.. i felt like i needed to hold up the relationship w/ my own arms since my bf could not.. that relationship finally ended after struggling so much.. i wished it hadnt dragged on as it did but i didnt wanna hurt his feelings.. i didnt wanna do anything i would regret later in the future.. i didnt wanna fail.. i finally chose to end it because i was tired.. i was tired of being the mom and taking myself out of his life's focus hopefully will allow him to focus on more important things like school, work..actually jus his life in general..he has a lot of things to learn.. i also have a lot of things to learn also.. but time will tell wut holds in each of our futures.. hopefully this is for the best and that we could be friends..

i havent been friends w/ any of my ex-s.. its jus too hard for me to deal w/ them as an "ex"---no longer my bf.. no longer my partner.. hopefully i can still be his friend.. if he lets me.. ive known him since i was 16/17 yrs old.. now that we've been through a relationship and a break up.. i dunno wut our friendship is gonna b like.. i have to admit he was a friend back then, and during our relationship as well.. but i think it will hurt both of us right now if we say "lets be friends again" ..so harsh =T

i love richard..richard is one of my bestest friends.. i dont know wut i would do w/ out him.. im glad hes doing well in his life.. i wish we'd kick it like back in they day.. but we're both busy.. im so happy hes going to vegas w/ us!!!!!!! yaaaaay!!

rewind to saturday:

saturday was my kickback.. i had so much fun!!!! im glad to have a good group of friends.. even though its mostly tabi's friends.. im happy to be a part of their group.. i feel like i tag along..but so! =P lol my supposedly "real friends" did not show up.. like a girl i never forget!! so they better watch their backs..lol..
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