Cris (pinaycheeks) wrote,

the day i met sasha vujacic

updated-bigger pics. i didnt even know they were so small when i posted them

to beverly center at 11:30 and only 5 people in line so i decided to get some lunch. by the time i got back it was 12:30 and the line was out the store!! he finally arrived at 3 to start the event. he's so cute!! standing in line anxiously, i couldnt believe i was going to meet sasha vujacic in a couple of minutes! the travel time to beverly center and the wait in line was so worth it!! i hated how we couldnt take a picture w/ him. what was i going to say to him!!?? how am i going to give him a hug?!? when i got to the table, the guy in the green jacket was in my way so i was just staring at sasha. then when i finally moved to the left, he said hi how are you. i said im good. i told him that i love the lakers cuz of him and if i could shake his hand. he shook my hand and said thank you thank you. i love his accent!!!!!

Sasha bear
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