Cris (pinaycheeks) wrote,

day 2 of being single

its already sunday..

a sigh of relief i guess.. ive been very stressed out w/ my recent relationship.. i felt like i needed to hold up the relationship w/ my own arms since my bf could not.. that relationship finally ended after struggling so much.. i wished it hadnt dragged on as it did but i didnt wanna hurt his feelings.. i didnt wanna do anything i would regret later in the future.. i didnt wanna fail.. i finally chose to end it because i was tired.. i was tired of being the mom and taking myself out of his life's focus hopefully will allow him to focus on more important things like school, work..actually jus his life in general..he has a lot of things to learn.. i also have a lot of things to learn also.. but time will tell wut holds in each of our futures.. hopefully this is for the best and that we could be friends..

i havent been friends w/ any of my ex-s.. its jus too hard for me to deal w/ them as an "ex"---no longer my bf.. no longer my partner.. hopefully i can still be his friend.. if he lets me.. ive known him since i was 16/17 yrs old.. now that we've been through a relationship and a break up.. i dunno wut our friendship is gonna b like.. i have to admit he was a friend back then, and during our relationship as well.. but i think it will hurt both of us right now if we say "lets be friends again" harsh =T

i love richard..richard is one of my bestest friends.. i dont know wut i would do w/ out him.. im glad hes doing well in his life.. i wish we'd kick it like back in they day.. but we're both busy.. im so happy hes going to vegas w/ us!!!!!!! yaaaaay!!

rewind to saturday:

saturday was my kickback.. i had so much fun!!!! im glad to have a good group of friends.. even though its mostly tabi's friends.. im happy to be a part of their group.. i feel like i tag along..but so! =P lol my supposedly "real friends" did not show up.. like a girl i never forget!! so they better watch their
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