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the guy..

i cant help but think that ive found the guy of my dreams.. i kno i kno richard.. i probably sound the same for each time i meet a guy.. but seriously this guy is different.. i cant explain it.. i'll try: guys are supposed to be gentlemen ..but the guys i date end up being asses!.. this guy i totally feel he's different.. hes very polite and sophisticated.. lookswise.. hes appealing to me.. he has a baby face.. he has a nice style and not typical at all.. no baller clothes.. no chains and baggy baggy clothes.. so its all good..

this guy.. gosh.. im so kilig.. i dont want this feeling to ever end.. i dont want this guy to slip away.. back to the theory u dont always get what u want.. but i beg to differ ..thats not always the case w/ me...ive known him and talked to him for over 2 weeks.. by now there would be more intimacy going on but im not trippin.. i like how i feel w/ him.. i like how hes not a horny bastard w/ me.. im glad he respects me enough to not bring up that shit when we're still getting to know each other.. its different.. its not me at all but i like it..

being in his arms i feel safe.. not like hes gonna touch my boob or grab my ass (which i dont mind but i feel good that he doesnt need to be like that to like me) huggin him is the best.. i love kissing him.. when i kiss him, i actually feel like im MELTING.. ive never had such a connection just by kissing someone.. oh my.. im sprung

he has most of the qualities i want in a man.. i did create a list of qualities i want in my dream man in an earlier post (way way back in the day) but everything seems to fit.. a little compromising here and there but for the most part..he fits the criteria..

yet there's drama.. how am i not suprised.. he seemed too good to be tru.. the other entry is about the drama.. i trust him though.. (ya can all laugh because that doesnt make sense..but i do trust him) i kno hes not bullshit.. that girl is just a bitch though.. she wrote about me in her journal thinkin im gonna be scared and back down.. well guess wut bitch .. im not.. im not gonna give up w/out a fight and i already feel like he's mine.. i wish that bitch could just grow up and stop being immature especially on a damn journal website.. ass! i wish she would wake her fat ass up and smell the coffee.. hes moved on so let him move on w/ out ur lard ass following him around!!
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