Cris (pinaycheeks) wrote,

TRYIN to move on

ok so yah the best thing for my situation is to move on.. and the only way to do this is looking for "potentials" theres couple guys i had my eye one but no one quite like "him" there was one dood who jus lived too far away so it wouldnt work out anywaiz.. i wont be able to deal w/ guys who are not in the LA district.. lol.. one guy seems so perfect but i think he jus wants ass.. the other dood was aight but i think hes gay.. he keeps buggin me when i already said its better if we're jus friends.. i dunno!! i dont usually keep talkin to peeps i already lose interest in.. i cant be friends w/ ex's or peeps ive dated/talked to..there's this one dood on my mind right now but i dont kno yet if he's forealz or not.. its hard to seperate the good boys from the bad boys sometimes.. is he really into u for u or for the booty??? in this case i havent talked to him enough to find out clues on which type of guy he is..but from the small talk and texting.. sounds like he knows how to sweet talk and has strong charm.. but u kno that saying: its too good to be true... thats the saying of my life!!! everything seems good but once things get revealed.. its all hell.. *sigh* we'll see wut happens.. but thats the update of the losers and potentials.. lol
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