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drama for ur mama.. fuck u!!

yah..drama for ur mama.. me n my friends have used this term ever since high school.. y cuz people keep giving us drama!!! i remember high school.. drama in high school was stoopid shit like who said what.. but then again people keep doing that now.. its already been 3 years after graduation.. cant they jus be happy for us?!?! nooooo.. they gotta bring us down.. me n maricel always a pair ever since junior year.. inseperable u can say since we were best friends.. some even were jealous of the relationship we had cuz we had each other's back.. we've lost touch and changed in the last few years.. but i do still consider her my close friend.. we still gotta work on sum things.. but even as a regular friend.. i DO NOT like anyone disrespecting anyone that i care for.. and i especially DO NOT like anyone disrespecting me.. u can say whatever the hell u wanna say about my ass ..people have their own opinion.. but when they say shit behind my back and try to ruin somone's views against me.. then its over biatch!!!!! i hate this bitch w/ a passion.. shes the most ignorant chick i know.. no one likes her and i kno no ones likes her but maricel seems to believe that she should deserve another chance.. yah thats tru people do deserve another chance but not when they keep messing up and talkin smack!! they deserve smack upside the head!! das what she deserves!! me and maricel and a bunch of peeps have been supporting her ass and not trying to hurt her feelings by being "friends" but im tired of it!! im tired of pretending so she doesnt cry or shit like that.. im tired of saying the fake "wassup" and the fake hug--she is so nasty.. i dont even wanna touch her!! so anywaiz.. das my venting for today.. she can talk all the shit she wants.. she's gonna eventually get whats coming to her.. so fuck u ruby!
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