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guyz guyz guyz...*sigh*

ok im single.. but guyz are everywhere and it sux in a way cuz none of them are mine!! ive met very nice guyz ever since i became single.. all of them have respected me so much and i truly think each guy have been really great and gentlemen.. most of them boyfriend potential.. sum were so fuckin hot.. *thinkin bout david..yummy* but the thing is i dont want them!!

one guy does stand out in my mind but hes one guy i cant have.. doesnt that suck?!!? jeez.. i usually get what i want.. whatever it might be.. im a brat.. i was stressed out this week w/ skool, work, and this dood problem.. im usually strong when it comes to school n work but guyz.. im weak.. this is jus killing me cuz i cant have him.. wuts even killing me more is that i dont have a chance!!! its one thing when u cant have them but its another when you're totally not in the runner up or sumthing at least!!

this week ive been stressed out and i want to let him kno..but then 5 seconds later my mind changes and im fuckin scared to tell him.. the big word "rejection" flashes across my mind.. i dont wanna risk not having him in my life period.. but also i dont wanna risk being left in the dark forever! so wuts a girl to
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