Cris (pinaycheeks) wrote,

vegas continued

ahhh i havent written in a while.. kinda busy w/ skool..yuck.. but anywaiz..back to my vegas novel


our last day in vegas.. NOOOOOOO!! i was having too much fun to think about leaving.. we finally went to visit circus circus.. lol ..yah yah..we had underage people come on the trip.. so we had to go to circus circus.. i got a carebear bear.. and dominic met a hot chick.. i told him to take a pic w/ that girl as a momento of vegas.. she was nice enough to agree.. they look kyoot together.. too bad she has a boyfriend and dominic is like a million miles away.. oOo and i got hit on the first time in foreverz! the guy working the booth was very energetic and entertaining he did the .."how u doooooooooin" (joey from friends) and he said that he liked my "herr" lol.. he was kinda kyoot but i want me a pinoy! lol..

after that we went to aladdin and the "family" had our last dinner in vegas.. saaaaad!! but that food was gooooood!! our waitress' name was also "tabi" so we had to take a pic of

finally back to gambling.. me, richard, and ate april headed off to our home ballys.. we played a lil bit.. but our favorite dealer paul kept going on break and making us lose.. the person he switched w/ was this devil named jen.. she kinds looks like mrs buttersworth but asian.. scary!! she took all our money =T i got to chitchat w/ sum white dood.. i think he was drunk cuz he was actually a pink after losing a lil money we finally headed back to the hotel since it was almost time to go.. it was like 3:30 but we had to be out of the hotel by 4:30.. we found jerille and went over to harrahs so he can try his hand at pai gow (so addicting!!!) those dealers over there suck too!! paul the dealer is the best.. next time i go to vegas.. he better be there..

then it was off to the rooms, packing our bags and checkin out.. we all got into to our taxis and headed for the airport.. of course one of us had to be stopped at security and it was the baby -dominic -baby buffness- lol he had to bring the liquor bottle back to maryland and the security guard had to check it out cuz it looked suspicious.. but everything was koo

more chillen, we waited like an hour before our plane was ready.. so guess what we did.. we looked at porn!!! girl porn, guy porn.. elmo porn.. lol i never saw playgirl until richard bought it.. its very all guyz should be circumcised though.. lol

the trip back home was fun.. no one could go to sleep even though we were really hella sleepy.. we were silly/giddy sleepy.. the sleepy type that makes everything seem funny so u laugh ur ass off!!

ahhhhhh the memories.. vegas was tight and i'll never forget it.. =)
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