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im really bored rite now.. a lil past 12:30 no one is online and theres nuthin to do.. i was studying earlier but my brain is

i really wanna go watch the grunions later tonight.. but everyone still skeptical..

so the topic of the hour is rejection.. i remember back in the day w/ i had crushes on sum people... most of the time it would be major crushes ..i think im psycho back in the day i remember writing poems.. i think i still have sum that i saved ..but anywais!

on the other hand rejection for me is really scary! i hate being single yet i also hate liking sumone.. my time frame of being single is 3 months.. das wut my cuz says.. =T i dunno bout that.. how can i stop jus liking sumone period? or how can i totally not get myself head over heels over a guy.. my problem is that i do not stay single..i feel like i need to fill my ex's void w/ another guy.. and this is not even sexually .. this is emotionally.. =T its scary.. i dont wanna b hopping from guy to guy.. i kno it sounds fun.. but its not for me.. i jus wanna be happy w/ one guy.. richard says to date.. again sounds like a good idea.. but i get scared.. *sigh* i should jus be lesbian!! NOT!! i think maybe if i jus become a homebody.. maybe i'll get sum relief and exclude myself from social interactions period! =T
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